Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Feb Exchangers - CarolC and Cheryl

Carol, on top had a nice little print tucked in her envelope which is made out of a brown paper bag that had red printed stripes. Cheryl had some nice pointed pen lettering along with a note on the cutest note paper.

I will never outgrow my love of cute. My temperament is not cute at all. I'm truly snarky. But I love the cute stuff. I wonder what's with that. I must be very well balanced.

Hope none of the people who know me in person fell off their chairs laughing at that last remark.

Sorry about the non-cropping. Maybe I would not be so snarky if I had a better relationship with technology. Maybe I would not be so snarky if my scanner didn't make me reboot every time I needed to scan.


And do not even get me started about the ordeal of transferring photos to the computer.

One more thing....the stamp on Cheryl's is from Singapore and reading the very fine print tells us that it is commemorating a vanish trade - the ice ball seller. Google Singapore ice balls and you can read all about them and also see many images....if you need to surf a bit more today :-) It is always fun to see the stamps from other countries.

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  1. Okay, although I had my suspicions, I Googled ice balls from Singapore anyway. Dang. You can get them delivered to your home. Ha! I don't remember the last time I had a snow ball but I had my first and last "shave ice" in South Carolina.