Saturday, April 29, 2017

To Troy -Screenshot envelope

Troy sent me an envelope to tell me that he did not remember to sign up for the exchange. So, of course, I jumped on the opportunity to make an envelope rather than doing stuff on the to-do list.

But, being too lazy to go get an envelope, I figured I'd print something out and make an envelope since I can do that without getting out of my chair.

This was a screen shot of the website. You can type in any name and then it will show you that name in each font.

I'll put the address in tiny block letters in the white space.


  1. Getting close to 750,000 hits. A million seemed unlikely when I started the blog. Not any more. 😃

    1. Great envelope, and excuse to avoid working on something else. And wow, your blog hits is an impressive number! I'm on a round 1/7th of that.

    2. Very true and excellent advice, Jean ~ good reason for people to have heroes, to inspire them and to learn from. We're a sum of our experience. One small correction, I've never worked for Hallmark . . . that's a phone call I'm still waiting for! 🤗 (can't seem to comment on original post)

  2. I noticed that yesterday. Congratulations!!!