Saturday, April 1, 2017

A.F. + April Exchange Sign Up

This seemed like a good envelope for April Fool's Day.

And it is time to sign up for the April Exchange.

For anyone sitting on the fence about signing up for an exchange, I am sharing part of a note that was enclosed in an envelope I received.

"Thank you again for organizing the exchanges. They are so fun. Years ago, I signed up for my first one and I was so nervous I couldn't sleep! In the morning I emailed Jan to cancel but she said everyone is at different levels and it would be OK. I'm so glad she did!"

So, there you have it from an actual exchanger. It's fun and there is no pressure to be at any particular level. If you have been pondering participation, maybe this is the month to give it a whirl. Just send me the following information:

your email

Send it to

jmwilson411 [at] yahoo [dot] com

You will get a list of 4, 5, or 6 people to send to.
You might get one international address requiring $1.15 postage.
You will need to get decorated envelopes in the mail by April 30th.
That's it.
There are additional details at the top of the blog under a tab marked [exchange *RULES*]

Deadline to sign up is April 4. Lists will be sent on April 5th or 6th.
My birthday is April 11 - and my granddaughter is coming to help me celebrate. So, if you want to send an envelope to her, that would be fun. She is 3+ and loves pink, hot pink, purple, and sparkles. Let's turn this into a contest [with a prize] and see who can send sparkliest pink/purple envelope to:
Alex Powers
420 44th Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50312
She leaves on April 14th, so it would be best to send things promptly, although, I am happy to forward things to her. She loves getting mail.

Double points if it has the Troll Poppy on it.
If you sign up for the exchange, you may use the envelope to Alex as your envelope to me.

I'm not sure what the prize will be....I'm open for suggestions.


  1. hmm the prize could be everyone who entered the contest sends the winner an envelope celebrating the win. Just another reason to make another envelope.

  2. Whoopee, pink, purple and glittery stuff are some of my favorite things...I have 3 granddaughters!

  3. My granddaughter is a fan of Trolls, too. Made a card and envelope for her as well as Alex. What fun! Can't wait for them to arrive!