Sunday, April 2, 2017

Thank you from the BHB

The BigHelpfulBrother opened his birthday mail yesterday (he had to wait for me to get home and then deliver it) - he was very pleased/impressed with the variety. Thank you to everyone who sent mail....I am currently filling up May and June with posts - you will see all of them then.
After looking at the mail, he showed me a few of his favorite pictures of late - including this one. How can I be 65 and have never heard of tardigrades?

One person reported being April Fooled by my blank envelope yesterday...made my day. Can't wait for next year...seems like a neglected holiday...but maybe that's good. Pranks can get way out of line, way too easily.

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  1. The image above is by a scanning electron microscope. Has the PO ever done a stamp series of photomicrography? If you are looking for further inspiration from the natural world, check out