Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Bonus Post - New Envelope in No. 2 Spot on Pinterest

My effort to stop tracking the envelopes with the most pins has been going pretty well - until Sunday - when I read something about taking time for yourself - so I checked the stats. One of the kraft paper envelopes had been in second place for a really long time. But it is now down to 4th and this one has ZOOOOOMED to second place. It is such a new one. I wonder if it will hit first place.

That really pretty red one from Christy Robb is in 3rd place. It completely deserves to be there...even though I will be a bit jealous if one of my own envelopes does not end up being the all time winner.

Here is a link to it...
christy robb's red one

And Nancy Hills will forever be the all-time-winner - because it was her lettering that was the inspiration for both Christy and me....the filled in patterns. I need to check with Nancy and see if she gives anyone credit for that particular treatment.

i was looking at the stats for the past month
not the all time stats

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