Monday, April 3, 2017

Rest in Peace MamaCJT

You will see this envelope (on the link above - and scroll down) as well as Carol's comment about it. She ran across my blog and sent me the envelope. We exchanged a few times and this particular envelope was included in a compilation of envelopes to inspire people to decorate envelopes. It is one of the images I see almost daily on my pinterest-surfing. I did not check Carol's blog every day. Maybe once a season I would think to check. Sadly, the last time I checked it (last fall) her daughter had posted that Carol had passed away after a short illness. I wasn't going to post anything about Carol until I ran across this original post and then figured it was worth sharing. It also made me realize that I need a plan for my family to post a last post if something happens to me. Now I have to figure out how to make that happen. Since nobody in my family reads my blog, it's up to the Big Helpful Brother to post my obit. And he's a bit older than the PLS (Pitiful Little Sister), so, I really need to figure out a back up person - in case he gets *Returned to Sender* before I do. Any suggestions?

And yes, my tombstone will be an envelope - which I need to design - and it will be stamped, return to sender. I really don't want a headstone. But, I'm so fond of the idea that I might have to go with it.

Don't be using that address. I used to have a studio at 430. My house is 420 - 44th Street, which is 2 houses away. I'd blur the address, but that would take time. Besides, my letter carrier knows me and knows to bring the 430s to me.


  1. Jean, that is a really nice tribute to Carol. From her blog, it is obvious that she was a very talented lady. It is nice to think that she is being remembered by you and introduced to someone new even after her passing. I hope she. Is happy somewhere in the great beyond.

  2. A lot to face on a Monday morning... find someone younger that appreciates or will appreciate your blog. Think grandchildren (:

  3. Thank you for the comments.
    If anyone wants to read the last post, it is here.
    While any death is sad, it is also very interesting to note that Carol's creative spirit was functioning nicely through the transition.

  4. It's interesting you posted this. I found your blog through her blog. I had started following her because of our joint interested in quilting. Then she started showing her decorated envelopes and I was double hooked. The bottom envelope you posted today is one of my favorites and I have used that idea many times. I corresponded with her many times asking questions about supplies she used and her giving me lots of useful hints. I followed her through her brief illness and was saddened by her death. I miss her blog and her wonderful work.