Sunday, April 30, 2017

Susan Branch on Inspiration

During a morning surf, I ran across Susan Branch's website. She has been around for a long time - designing all kinds of things. I clicked on her tab that said: Favorites and found that she has over 100 sites that she recommends as places to go for inspiration.

Once again, I remind people that ideas do not come out of thin air. They come from the things we look at. A few people just stare into space and get ideas. Or close their eyes and something comes to them. But most people are sponges and then their output is a mashup of things they have seen.

So go forth and collect and create.


  1. Very true, good advice, Jean, another reason it's so important to have heroes. Only thing is, I've never worked for Hallmark. That's a phone call I'm still waiting for! 🤗

  2. Very true and excellent advice, Jean ~ good reason for people to have heroes, to inspire them and to learn from. We're a sum of our experience. One small correction, I've never worked for Hallmark . . . that's a phone call I'm still waiting for! 🤗

  3. oooops - i thought Susan Branch did art for Hallmark....I'm mixing her up with Marjorie Bastien -and I am sure I did not spell that name correctly....I'm commenting without time to do proper research

    1. The blog post has been edited. I had written that Susan Branch did work for Hallmark. Then there was an anonymous comment left with a correction. And I figured it was Susan Branch who left the comment. Sorry for the confusion. I'm out of town and keeping track of things on my phone and it is not behaving very well.

    2. So sorry my comment was anonymous, I tried to send it several times and it kept disappearing . . . in fact I thought they all disappeared, but apparently this one went through, but anonymously. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, so this actually is Susan Branch and I thank you for the correction, although you didn't have to do that! Your point about looking for inspiration everywhere was the important one! xoxo