Monday, December 19, 2016

Rehj and Sara Rodgers

I grouped these two for color. The top one is from exchanger Rehj, who busted out of her digital world into hand lettering. I hope she had fun. Looks like lots of fun to me.

The bottom one is from my pen pal Sara Rodgers - who is a pre-adult....the envelope arrived inside one with a stamp and I think she meant to put one of the ice cream or soda fountain stamps on it. So cute.


  1. haha - you are so right, busted out! That was a huge leap for me, but since we were moving and things were amiss, envelopes by hand was my only option. I did have fun with this one, but totally out of my comfort zone! I have all these markers that I got last Christmas but I'm scared to use them! LOL We are still remodeling and moving, but I hope to be back to the exchange soon!

    This exchange was the one envelope I mailed with no postage that actually got delivered! I emailed the recipient to tell them I would get another one mailed and they responded that they were amazed it got delivered with no postage!

    I'm just glad to see I got your street address and zip code right on this one! :)

  2. Rehj, Rehj, Rehj. You need to use the markers. What kind are they? I'll repost links to the exemplars that are suited to your markers.

  3. They are the Spector Noir?, I think. My son bought me something like 10 sets of them last Christmas! They have dual tips, chisel on one end, pointed but not brush on the other and the barrel is black octagon. If I buy were to buy some others, what brand is best? Or favored?

  4. Spectrum Noir are alcohol markers. They can be bleedy on some papers, but you can find plenty of paper that will be friendly. They blend beautifully. You should surf around and look for tutorials on how to use them. Since you have so many, I highly recommend you start messing around with them. You just have to spend time learning what they will do. Since I do not have any, I can't give you tips. I might call Jan and see what she has in the way of alcohol markers. If she has some, I could go over and play around with them and then give you tips on how to proceed. The best thing about them is that they are refillable. I do not have any favorite markers. My favorites are the ones in front of me. I can have a ton of fun with the cheap Crayola markers. I think what you need next are some Pigma Microns and gold, silver and white gel pens to add details on top of the Noirs. Also colored pencils. Prisma colors NOT cheap ones.

  5. Thank you for the suggestions! My first two letters or so turn out great, then things go downhill from there - I think it is lack of planning on my part or something. I'm so used to slapping it on the computer screen then rearranging and fitting it just right - till it all seems so backwards to me to have to pre-plan! LOL