Friday, December 16, 2016

Mid-morning Rant

These stamps are gloomy. Luckily I did not buy any. They seemed OK when I first saw the image online, but they are dull and lifeless on the envelopes I have been receiving.
This isn't the rant. I just wanted to have an image on the post - and this is the second post of the day. Scroll down to see the calm post.

I need to rant at myself because I think I sent some holiday cards before I left town on Dec 6th. But, now I can't remember if I actually did, or was just thinking about it. Has anyone received a holiday mailing from me? If you are in the exchange and received an envelope - that is not a holiday mailing.

If anyone can think of a system for me to remember what I have mailed, I am open for suggestions. In general, I have made huge progress in getting 37 years of chaos organized. I suppose I should just start over with the holiday mailings. I can't imagine anyone will think, "Oh, dang. Another piece of hand addressed mail. Why don't I get more junk mail?" It would also make up for 2015. I don't think I sent much last year.

Thank you for letting me rant. Feel free to add your own personal rant in the comment section.


  1. I empathize with you. I take photos of the mail I send and it helps me remember.
    Thanks for saving me from stamp disappointment. I've decided to cancel my Christmas. The handmade postcards won't spoil before next year. Keep your head up.

    1. But where do you keep the photos? My photos are by far and away the most chaotic part of my life. They have been uploaded to three different computers.... is there a word that is more extreme than chaotic?
      And let's not even talk about the boxes of photos from the older days when they were all hard copies.

    2. I agree about these stamps. I'm happy I didn't order any.
      It is December 17th and I am still making my Christmas cards. EVERY year I tell myself that I am going to make at least 5 Christmas cards a month and then at the beginning of December, I'll have the cards made and I can start on the envelopes. I've cut back on the number of homemade cards that I send. Some people don't appreciate the time I put in to making them (and that's okay) so I send some *gasp* store-bought cards! EVERY year, I don't listen to myself and I am making cards at the last minute. Then I don't have time to do anything special on the envelopes.
      Within the last two months, I have gone through HUNDREDS of printed photographs. I had two big boxes from my parents and a large one from Dennis' family. I bought photo boxes from Michael's and as I looked at them, I'd put the ones I wanted to save in a box ~ one for my son, daughter, etc. We tossed a lot of them. I saved some vintage photos for my "art friends". My kids wouldn't have known a good share of the people in the photos.
      In an ideal world, I would scan the special photos and make a book on Shutterfly for our grandchildren.
      Time to get off of the computer and go work on my cards. I'll send you an email telling you how I organize scans and photos I have on my computer.

  2. I scan all envelopes I do & keep them in a folder called envelopes.

  3.'re absolutely right to think no one will complain about receiving two hand-lettered cards, particularly when you're the one doing the lettering. My system is to print out a list each month of envelope recipients and then keep the list, with my working papers, in a folder. The folder goes on a shelf. It's an old fashioned solution for a declining memory that works well. I just have to remember what shelf I put it on.