Sunday, December 25, 2016

Guest *Artist* - Edward Johnston - Sunday off-topic

I do not recall if I have ever posted this place as a resource for endless ideas.

Here it is Sept 9 - 8:30 in the morning and I have filled up every single Sunday for the year. I think I have all the Saturdays filled, too. All I have left are 6 weeks of Monday through Friday (30 days) and I'm done for the year.

Yippee. Speed-blogging. So tell me, does the quality suffer when I speed blog?

This book happens to be Writing & Illumination & Lettering, by Edward Johnston. One of the uber-basic books for scribes - unless you have something against Ed. I don't get into the history or politics of lettering. No time. Just thought it would be fun to have Ed as a guest artist. I doubt any of the purist or traditionalist calligraphers ever see my blog. All y'all are welcome to follow me like the pack of wild wolves we all long to be. Oh, you don't? OK, go swim with the fishes or soar with the chipmunks. Excuse my wackiness. I'm celebrating the filling of the slots.
When you get to this random page - flip through the book for endless ideas. I'm pretty sure it is all public domain material.