Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Des Moines' Holiday Mailbox (2nd bonus post)

There has been conversation on the post about me dressing up like Mrs Santa - just below. I mentioned the cute little mail box that they put out at our main post office. I have not been down there this year. I need to see if it is there - and if it is, take a better photo so we can see what the sign says.

It would be fun to sit there and write letters with kids, although there probably aren't that many kids at the main post office. I probably need to do it at a mall. And probably right outside the Hallmark store. And I would have to get permission. Luckily it is too late to do anything this year.

Maybe a Mrs. Cupid outfit for valentine's day. I always love to be at a grocery store during lunch time on Valentine's day. There are always tons of guys standing there picking out the obligatory card. I've often thought I should do some fancy names on their envelopes because ladies love to see their names written fancy.

I just Googled *Mrs Cupid* and was worried that they would be too cheesecake for me. A LOT of the Mrs. Claus outfits are very cheesecake. Surprisingly - this was the first one that popped up and they were mostly very tame.

Image result for Mrs CupidI can't wear heels. I don't think anyone would even know what I was. I'd probably get arrested for having a weapon.


  1. You are too funny. Great ideas. Our calligraphy guild went to a mall and had tables set up where kids could come and make a Mother's Day card or in June, a Father's Day card. While the kids were making the card, we would write on the envelope for them. I really enjoyed it.
    Then when I started doing demos at Artist and Display, we would have tables set up before Mother's Day and Father's Day. Watching their imaginations work was special I really miss the store. It's a butcher shop now. I said that I should set up a table in a corner and do demos.

    1. I didn't know Artist and Display was gone. So sad.
      Or maybe I did know and forgot. Either way - it's sad.
      I'd join you at a table.
      We could wrap gifts in butcher paper - and embellish them with words, names and/or flourishing.