Saturday, December 31, 2016

Re-run Saturday - John Neal's Ornament

Such a trip down memory lane. It seems crazy that I first had these markers in 2011. John stocked them for a while and I loved them. But they were not reliable so he no longer stocks them. I still have some that are working. Sometimes I think about choosing a brand in my collection and just using all of them until they are used up. Then I change my mind.

The style of writing is very beginner friendly. It is a bit like ribbon writing - but has elements of a style I call Two-Wrongs-Do-Make-A-Right. Both lines are a little off, but when stacked, they seem fine.
I guess you need to also leave a bit of space between each letter.

So - this is it. The official end of 2016. As I write this on Sept 9th, it is like leaving a time capsule for me to open. I'll remember this day when I read this post. It was the day I tried to get Kristin's wedding program launched. And the day I booked a marathon babysitting trip. Have I recovered?


  1. we can get an answer. Have you recovered?

    1. Yes. December was low key. I'm back with the grandkids for two weeks. So far so good.

  2. I like the gold on the red envelope. When I try to do letters like this, they don't turn out. Once again, the solution is to Practice, Practice, Practice!

  3. Curious ~ What kind of markers did you use?