Sunday, December 18, 2016

Mid-afternoon rant

This is a mixed rant. I actually feel like I am at a tipping point with some of this organizational stuff. The tips and moral support some of you left on my last rant have been really helpful.

I just downloaded or uploaded (aaarrrgghhh - which is which) the photos and videos from my last trip. But now I can't figure out where they are. They sure aren't in the download file. And there is no upload file. End of rant.

Whilst searching for the up-down-load of stuff, I ran across this - and -dang- I can't see the artist's name to give proper credit. But it reminds me of how I approach my holiday mailings.....

An alert reader who knows I am always recommending *stealing* ideas - the same way Austin Kleon recommends stealing like an artist - noticed that there is an artist's manifesto on Brain Pickings today that states very clearly that one should never steal. The alert reader asked me to clarify.

I agree with everybody and nobody. You should do the same. If you get three artists together, you will have 5 or 6 opinions. Most of them can see things both ways. Don't blindly follow me. My opinions are simply things that work for me. Except when they don't. Of course I have a couple groupies who claim they followed my suggestions and are currently experiencing all kinds of good things. But, it would be silly to think that it was my suggestion that made a difference. It could have been a coincidence.

The artist who wrote the manifesto had a rough (to put it very mildly) upbringing. Art saved her. But, she's understandably a little edgier than some of the rest of us. Her perspective works for her - and if her perspective resonates with you - by all means, embrace it.

OK, back to my tilting with the computers.



    Roz Chast is the artist. One click on Google. Very easy to find.

  2. It's my understanding that when you are uploading, you are sending something to a website or to someone ~ like putting some of your picture on Shutterfly or Flikr. When you are downloading, you are putting something on your computer.
    Do you have a Mac? If you do,the pictures and videos should have gone in your Photos. If you took them with an iPhone or an iPad, they'll be in order by date taken. You can set up folders and put the photos / videos in them.

    1. I have an old Mac, a new Mac and PC -recently updated - and the new stuff has just about made my head explode. I can't find anything. It's all fancy colored trapezoids. The search feature doesn't find anything any more. I was PC for a long time. I've been dabbling with the Mac for 8 years and still can't get the hang of it. I have an iPhone and have not figured out much - except how to FaceTime - and the best thing ever - I learned how to use the voice recognition so I can dictate my texts and emails. I sound like a complete lunatic when I am dictating in public...but it sure beats typing on the tiny little keyboard. I'm sure I could figure it out if I spent more time on it....

  3. Stealworthy doesn't equate to theft in my mind. Stealworthy means, take the idea and make it your own. Everytime I sit down at the computer I almost invariably start with someone else's idea. I blame Pinterest for this as I see something I really like and want to 'copy' my version of it - so to speak. I worry incessantly that I'm stealing the idea, but when I'm finished, my version usually looks nothing like what I started with.

    I try to tell myself during the process to stop worrying about 'stealing' but I have come to wonder if that's just not part of my actual process of 'copying my version'. To keep in the back of my mind, that while I was inspired by someone else's idea, by the time I'm finished, hopefully it's totally mine. And, I certainly hope, as an artist, that my idea can then inspire someone else. If it doesn't, I think I might feel as though I failed at my craft. If I don't want it to inspire, I shouldn't share it with anyone.

    Stealworthy = Inspiration in my opinion.