Sunday, December 11, 2016

Guest Artist - Catherine Langsdorf

Catherine is another very talented scribe who has been in the Graceful Envelope exhibits many times.

If I remember, I will come back and put a link to her website. Right now, It is Sept and I am racing like mad to get all the posts for the rest of 2016 scheduled to pop up. Imagine what I can accomplish if I have three solid months to just plan and organize the 2017 blog.

Highly steal worthy layout on this envelope, eh? I think the theme was the letter S. But there are all kinds of way to base an envelope on one letter.


  1. What was the winning envelope design?


      The theme for 2014 was the letter S.
      You can go to the link above and click on the winner.

      or go to this link to see it.

      I liked the contest better when there was not a Best in Show. I think they used to have a Top 10 and leave it at that. Their choice of the Best for 2014 would not have been my I recommend you look at all the others.