Sunday, May 8, 2016

off-topic - sagmeister

stefan sagmeister is a big name in design. there are quite a few alphabets made out of people. i like the way he didn't force the people into un-natural positions, but melded actual font shapes with the people. such a simple idea, yet one that i don't think i have seen.

lots more fun lettering at his site
some of his stuff is edgy. that is a polite way of saying some of his work is not family friendly. if you don't want to risk seeing edgy things, you may peek at some tame stuff here

although, at the bottom, it says - coming soon - new website - and i am writing this in mid november of 2015, so by the time this pops up, who knows what will be where. i might be sitting in a hand basket saying, "where am i?"

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