Thursday, May 12, 2016

crunch time - 6 of 30

 april exchange - desk cleaning

these stamps were old, discolored, and smelled of cigarette smoke. someone contacted me (a while back) and wanted to sell some old stamps. so i bought them. lesson learned. be sure to ask if stamps are coming from a smoke free environment.

i thought the PO might not approve of stamps in such poor condition, so i addressed it on the back and threw on a forever....

the envelope is from the big box of unfinished envelopes....probably a demo in a class....

note to exchangers carroll in vt, amy g in tn, kate r in wa
i do not see a confirmation that you received your lists
if you did not..lemmekno...thanks
if you already confirmed and i just can't see it - sorry


  1. Those stamps may be smelly but they were designed by the late Sister Corita Kent. I got to see her art on a trip to Los Angeles. Here is a link to her 10 rules which was written out by one of her students, the late David Mekelburg.

  2. I think Corita would have loved this envelope!