Wednesday, May 11, 2016

for nancy - april exchange

from the pile of layouts - FC brush markers, pigma microns - white gel pen on top.

real time p.s.
nancy mentioned when she signed up for the next exchange that she really like this envelope and had already used the idea on some of her own mail. i'm always happy to toss out ideas - and remember - this came from something i saw - probably on pinterest. i think the only part i lifted was the horizon and leaves. i probably did my own flowers. it was a hot mess - until i remembered the solution to just about everything - dots - layers of dots.


  1. I love this envelope which is now brightening my kitchen on my refrigerator as I do my "hunt and tap". This is double exciting because today is my birthday. Talk about kismet! 😊

    1. Happy Birthday, Nancy!
      Love the envelope.