Tuesday, May 3, 2016

crunch time

one day in april i freaked out about how few posts i had scheduled and how long scans take. so i took snap shots and uploaded and scheduled 30 envelopes that had arrived from exchanges.

on april 16th, there was a post called crunch time - it was an accidental post - where i was trying to schedule ahead, but inserted the wrong date. maybe nobody wondered what crunch time meant.

for now, there are no comments on the 30 crunch time envelopes. if time permits, i will go back and make comments.
a BIG thank you to everyone who has participated in the exchanges to give me enough mail to continue the daily post.


  1. Hummm. I see that there are 2 posts for April 16, but I didn't find 30 envelopes. Perhaps I'm misunderstanding or I'm just looking in the wrong place?

    1. my description of what i am doing - while in the middle of crunch time - is not clear...because i do not make sense when i am scrambling to keep my blog ahead of the tsunami. what i meant is that i have scheduled 30 exchange envelopes that will be popping up over the next 2 months. does that make sense? and my question to you....are you a night owl? or do you just check the blog any time after 1 am, just to see what's new?

    2. 30 envelopes that will pop up - one at a time - over the next 2 months

  2. Well, both are correct. I'm a night owl and in my internet carousing at night, if it's after 1, I usually always check my mail to see your new post. :)

    Remodeling and moving has my schedule all off, so there is no telling what time I'll finally make it to bed to carouse around the Internet!

    And I figured it out after I "commented" :) but I had already put my phone down, and I have a rule about not picking it back up after I've put it to bed!

    And then...I looked at the time stamp on your comment - Early riser!