Sunday, May 1, 2016

carol's exploding head

another version of my exploding head. love it...even though carol is rolling her eyes at me. carol is right - all of my issues are silly first world issues.... 99% of them involve technology.


  1. Haha, love that the stamps and envelopes are coming out of the explosion. Too cute!

    Also, figured out the double posting, happens when I'm on my phone, so I'll apologize up front since I must post from my phone as my life is upside down at the moment with remodel and moving going on!

    Great envelope!

  2. Should we bombard you with exploding head envelopes?

    1. Why yes I think my poor head would respond quite nicely to a series of exploding heads.

  3. Um...the eye roller is meant to be Jan..I personally would never roll my eyes at anyone...
    PS this was fun! I love these little theme challenges!