Wednesday, May 4, 2016

crunch time - 3 of 30

this is the third of the crunch time envelopes.

i had some injections in my knee to restore some youth - which is my current excuse for why i am too lazy to go find my stack of mail and post the name of the fabulous exchanger who sent this to me.

while i scheduled the 30 crunch time envelopes in april - and did not write anything at the time- i can now leisurely  insert the comments on each post - as i start each day with a cup of coffee and some surf time.

my knee is well on its way to a speedy recovery, but, i have to ration the number of times that i stand up and sit down - as that was the activity that caused me to do something about the situation...and by situation, i mean Arthur. it's not like i ever abused my knees by running marathons.


  1. If it is the same person who sent a similar envelope to Eric with 50, yes 50! hands, then this is by the hand of Rachael T. I cannot imagine how hard it is to do such a beautiful circular design by hand - brava!

    1. I thought about how I would attack that circle. First try would be to put in north south east west and then keep dividing in half. Second try would be to divide into thirds with protractor and the divide in halves again. I would have the circle at the inside positioning the tip of the finger on the circle. Rotating the paper would be essential to keeping the image perpandicular to the circle. To do 50 for Eric I would divide 360 by 50 and pencil in the spokes. To me this only seems hard if you want to try to eyeball it. Taking a few minutes with pencil and basic math skills would make it uber fun.

  2. Awesome Envelope...
    Wishing you all the best with your knee.....Arthur is quite the B**ch.
    Can't wait to see all the goodies....
    Coffee and surf time in the morning is Absolutely the BEST!
    Take care...

    1. As unpleasant as Arthur is I guess I'd choose him over Debbie-betes, Harriett-attack, Cain-cer, Alta-heimer--or all the other alternatives.