Tuesday, May 24, 2016

bonus umpulse post.

i.m curious to know what happens when i insert a screen shot into a post. i took this off the envelope that finnbadger posted today. i've seen stamps with cute little cartoony images before. this one tickled my funny bone. i can't make sense of it. does anyone have any idea what it means?


  1. Here is my take on the meaning: it was always taught in school that Christopher Columbus discovered America, but some believe it was a man named Colon who actually discovered America, so the stamp is saying Columbus has egg on his face, saying he discovered America when in fact, he did not. I tried googling, but there didn't seem to be much written about the stamp, other than there is a whole humorous series by the same author on the history of Spain. Although Columbus was Italian, he was sailing for Spain to find China when he happened upon the Bahamas. However, since he is responsible for opening up trade routes to America, he is still given credit for the discovery. History lesson over. :)

  2. "Colón" is just the Spanish name for Christopher Columbus, so both names refer to the same person.

    You can read in the Wikipedia about the meaning of "the egg of Columbus": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_of_Columbus

    This series of stamp is made with such kind of stories, usually apocryphal, but well-known in popular culture.

    By the way, I sent the stamp to Phillip.

  3. thank you, Eva. i would not have thought of looking on wiki.