Wednesday, January 29, 2014

smash - JUBILEE

to date, this is my favorite. it was done after i had introduced the gray glaze pen. then, i added the white Pilot Choose .7 pen which is finer than the uniball white gel pen. so, the detail is really nice and delicate. i suppose i could get out my nibs. maybe by the time this pops up, i will have gone on to nibs. i am writing this on jan 3rd and getting about 3 months worth of posts lined up. a lot can change in 3 months. maybe by now, i have lost all my readers because you are tired of DJS. or maybe i am on a whole new binge.

i have a robot penciled in...have not decided if i am going to actual add it or not.


  1. You had 4 different solutions to the 5 "S" problem in my envelope and they are all creative and effective. What a great envelope . Love the way it all fits into it's little area and love the contrast of size of the 4 lines. Even the stamp has it's space

  2. I am impressed with how well DBS works on the smaller scale.