Wednesday, January 8, 2014

carol's JUBILEE script

this is the envelope i sent to carol to thank her for creating the DuBosch JUBILEE script style of writing.
i have added my own variations to the ones carol uses and i am up to 350 different characters, including numbers.

besides a broad edge tool, i use fine line markers and also a fat bullet tip marker, like the zig writer, (a 1.2 tip) to make the big fat dots (the O in carol and the dot on the A in Ave and the dot between portland and OR.

WARNING: for the next 3 weeks, half of the envelopes are going to be DuBosch JUBILEE Script. i have been obsessed with it and while it may become boring for some of you, stick with me because i have also been on a harry potter binge, a handmade-envelope-out-of-magazine-pages, and finish up those 30 half-done ideas that are in a stack.

once again, johnny cash is a wonderful complement. 


  1. Another great envelope, oh dear, I can see myself doodling and making up letters for the rest of the day! What fun. Love the E at the end of Ave.

  2. I have named this E, the comb E I hope to get all my chores done early so I can play too. What we need here in CT is an igloo O

  3. Meant to mention. Love that they have switched to numbers for the publication password. I guess I failed with the letters so many times, they needed to demote me. This is much easier for my brain. They say prove I'm not a robot well I'm not sure

  4. ditto - to the comb E, i used to make my Es like that when i was just learning to write. it was one of carol's letters that drew me in. ditto to the password numbers instead of letters. i, too, had a heck of a time figuring out the distorted letters. :-)

  5. love the alphabet! it is so whimsical and playful.

  6. Jean, great envelope and looking forward to all the fun! Try wall paper samples for envelopes as well.