Sunday, January 19, 2014

potter series - wand

i like the idea of writing the name backwards. i probably like the idea because it isn't something i do very often. in fact, this might be the first time. i know that from time to time, i write a letter backwards.

then there are the dots.
can't really go wrong with dots.
although, i thought some of the dotty, snowflakes that i put on the gingerbread houses were ho-hum.

i'm thinking the street/city/state will be super tiny in the upper left corner. or inside the C.


  1. oh good grief. i made each letter backwards, but i did not flip the entire name, so this is a BlooperBox resident

  2. I love the way this looks with the wand doing the writing but I can't figure out what it says. Love the address in the C

  3. I actually like this - it is really just a different form of backwards - a bit like how the early Phoenician letters were reversed compared to the Roman alphabet.

    The HP stamps are hard to come up with ideas - kudos for creating an envelope for each one.

  4. it says C-a-t-h-y. but the C is backwards and then the a is backwards, etc. i should have written y-h-t-a-C with each of the letters reversed to make a true mirror image.

  5. It looks magical! great connection. I like it.