Thursday, January 2, 2014

gingerbread - pat&denny

this is a little ho-hum.

i didn't say anything yesterday about the exciting new organized blog that was going to start on jan 1 because on dec 14th, i decided it was too stressful having a deadline.

the holiday envelopes will continue for a few weeks. there will be some harry potter coming up. and each day will be a surprise (for me, too)

my only goal for the future is to not fall and break a hip.

and...i ran across the poem that dave, my letter carrier wrote in response to the poem that i wrote several years ago and posted on dec 24th of this year:

Thank you for sharing your whimsical card.
It was penned so near perfect it mirrored The Bard.
So, thanks for the smile that you've put on my face.
Now I'm off to deliver with Christmas time haste.

Happy Holidays, Dave.

here is something better than the one above that i just did. i like that flourish on the johnny cash stamp.


  1. Johnny Cash goes with everything, amazing...I even met him once when I was about 10years old!

  2. ^I agree. I found his stamp to be the most versatile from last year and I picked up another sheet to put to good use this year.