Tuesday, January 21, 2014

princess fringe

the envelope is made from a page out of a catalog. the colors are nice with the stamp and i think i will address it with a silver sharpie. the slick paper on catalogs is not friendly with a lot of pens and markers. pigma microns will work, but you have to wait for them to dry. also, if you use pencil lines, they do not erase very well.

will probably send it to finnbadger.
remember when snoopy used to say *curse you red baron*
well, i have been tempted to say, curse you finnbadger for luring me into the world of making envelopes out of catalog and magazine pages. i do not need any new distractions. and i am seriously over board on these envelopes. i think it was worse during the holidays with all the catalogs.


  1. Ha, it's a Finnbadger day! I agree the stamp looks great with those colors - very Tatooine.

    Neat idea below with the stamp backing - I really like those design stamps a lot, they are striking.

  2. Love the Star War stamp with the blankets. Makes me want to run upstairs and take a nap

  3. This is a perfect match! Keep those catalogs and magazines coming. Would love to see a "how to" on the envelopes.