Sunday, January 26, 2014

dry markers

at a wednesday gathering, i grabbed a marker to write a quick note and it was dry, but it made the best marks. i showed it to jan. then, in the mail that day, there was a donation solicitation letter that included this stamp. sorry, my donation budget is already committed to other places. so, i thought i would try the dry marker on an envelope. it did not look as cool on this paper. then i started outlining in gold. i like that. i will save it to finish at the next gathering. i enjoy making mail with the person who is going to receive it and then taking it home and mailing it at a later date. sometimes i just give it to her. but this one has the stamp.
oh...the kindly thing. kindly didn't look right, so i tried it with an e, that looked worse, so i must have had it right the first time. the street will go in tiny purple above the des moines. design lesson....
use your dried up markers. then outline.

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