Friday, January 24, 2014

perfect marker

i wrote jeri's name last summer whilst visiting kathy and playing with all her markers. the envelope sat around and whilst i was desk cleaning in dec, i realized that this lettering would look perfect with the althea stamp. it is now my favorite althea-stamped envelope. i love that subtle line down the middle of the letters that mimics the lines on the court. a lot of the best stuff happens by accident. it is OK to plan, but i think half the time, it is probably a waste of time to plan. unless you are baking something. i think you need to follow the recipe when you are baking. now i hope i don't mess it up when i add the address.


  1. Definitely a case where the calligraphy makes the stamp look a whole lot better!

    And I think you, and many mail artists/stamp enthusiasts are going to love coming up with ideas for the Songbirds stamps. Designs here: I'm enjoying all the white space on these ones, they're going to look really good on white envelopes.

  2. There's a much clearer and larger image of the stamps here: