Wednesday, January 15, 2014

fixing mistakes - march stamp

i mentioned making mistakes a couple days ago. this envelope had a bloop on the k-a in kathy. you'd think, if i messed up the first 2 letters, i would ditch it. no. i finished the names and set it aside. then, yesterday. jan had these new stamps. i am going to try to toss out new ideas as soon as new stamps show up. this one is pretty hard edge, not loopy, so i thought i could use the hard edge, angular elements to cover up the blooper in the loops. after i did that, i thought i needed one more element to tie the stamp to the lettering and went with the blue sky and repeated the names, since they were a bit hard to read. it's not a genius idea...but, it's just fine for a quick fix if you are adverse to throwing envelopes away. i guess since jack inspired this topic, i should start sending all the bloopers to him.

and since i had to bump the previous scheduled envelope to make a place for this one, be forewarned that you will be enjoying gingerbread houses well into march.

 then i decided to add some white where the red overlapped the black and i touched up the east and south borders of the red lettering.


  1. No, Jean, Thank you... My blooper bin runneth over.


  2. The worst thing about the blooper box is that some of them have stamps attached and only when I went to mail them did I realize how bad they were
    The self seal stamps don't come off
    Anyway, I do not think this envelope falls into that category. It's perfect