Friday, January 17, 2020

Leslie's String Art

This is done by dipping string in paint or ink, placing the string on an envelope, placing another envelope face down over the first envelope, figuring out a way to apply the right amount of pressure to the stack to allow the string to be pulled out, leaving a pretty design.

If you want to Google and see more examples, be sure to put the word *pull* in the search. String art is something else. Pulled string art is this.


  1. Thanks for "showcasing" all my envelopes! (it's funny, as I don't remember sending some of these to you! -- i'm losing it!) Anyway, wouldn't a string-art envelope be fun? (although not sure how it would be done, but here is an image, just for fun! --

  2. This is awesome. I have never heard of pull string art - I'll have to keep it in mind as something to try in the future.