Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Leslie - License Plates

This idea is pretty genius.

Use license plates. I wonder which stamps she chose. There are quite a few car themed stamps. Or anything with colors that compliment. The light blue Love stamp that looks like skywriting would have been perfect.

Here is another one. I do not recall seeing any actual license plates that look like this. In 2019, the DOT started offering an option that looked like this only it is a black plate with white lettering. They have been wildly popular. I've never understood vanity plates. But then, I am sure there are millions of people who would never in a million years understand mail art or even nicely addressed envelopes. The number of people who tell me that pretty wedding envelopes are a complete waste because they ALL end up in the trash is UH-MAZE-ING. Seriously - people say that to me. It's fine. I get it. I too have my days when I feel a little guilty that I have not chosen a more responsible use of my free time.

Link to the new 2020 stamp designs in case you missed the bonus post yesterday.


  1. if you do a google search, you will find photos of a ton of the old (early 90's) plain blue plates: i don't know how you can't remember them b/c of our ages.

    1. After I saw them - I remembered them. I might have recalled if it had been the same shade of blue - with a white border that went all the way around. I do remember that when the picture design came out, I was sad to see the plain blue go.

  2. And thank you for posting, Leslie.