Saturday, January 18, 2020

Carousel Horses to Jeri, et al

I was beyond flattered when Jeri told me she thought this envelope
was done by Cheryl Jacobson.
I have nothing to say about these. Just using up the stamps. My apologies to Susan, Grace, Jeri, Janet.

Time to share another tidbit that I have learned about the Post Office. Their system has evolved and a lot of it makes sense. As customers, we think it should be simple, look at the address and then deliver it.

Technically, that is simple. It would work if we could get rid of Christmas. They can't hire temps for one month because it takes too long to learn the system. Plus, the people who know the system are faced with a tsunami of mail every single day in Dec.  They do not have a clue as to exactly how big each tsunami is, they have to just wait and see - and deal with it daily. On Sundays, they just deliver packages. But that makes every Monday even worse. And double worse, if you deliver to businesses that are closed on Saturday.

I am writing this on Dec 19th. My son has been working 80 hours per week since Thanksgiving. He starts at 5 am. He has been getting one day off per week - so 80 hours divided by 6 days is 13.3 hours per day. Some days he works until 8 or 9 pm. Yesterday, the amount of mail was just slightly less - and at 12 hours, everyone was standing around at the station - amazed that they were done for the day. Then they got all giddy-- to be getting off at 5 pm. Can you imagine being all giddy-happy that you only had to work 12 hours.

So, come December, if you run into a postal worker who is less than cheerful, don't take it personally. They are just tired.

Jan 14
If you live in a climate with snow and ice, don't expect your mailman to be cheerful, yet. December was fairly mild - but the next 8 weeks will dish some real winter weather. My little postman has not bounced back completely.

I tried some gold gel pen designs from the horse.

I tried red and green designs from the horse.

I tried random black stuff. I like the last name.

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