Sunday, January 5, 2020

Leslie - Chunky Birthday

Leslie kindly sent me a number of images to post on the blog. She did some exchanging in 2019 and her envelopes were very well received.

Since I am only seeing images and not the actual envelopes - it will be harder for me to guess how she did the lettering.

This one was driving me crazy  because the edges of the letters are so crisp, yet there is a design on each letter.

My guess is that she has a set of hand carved rubber stamps.

Maybe Leslie will leave a comment.


  1. Love this envelope. The layered caps are a puzzle

  2. ok, I'll reveal the mystery for ya on how I did my name: They're rub-on letters! VERY old. Have no idea where I got them, but in going through my files, came upon them and decided to finally use. This was just a test (although I did end up mailing it to myself for my b-day last month)! :D

  3. p.s. It's a vellum envelope and I used black cardstock for the insert -- was very pretty and a fun surprise when I got it in the mail, as I forgot I mailed it!