Monday, July 2, 2018

Jurgen Vercaemst (Coffee/Romans/RulingWriter)

InstaGram could become as distracting as Pinterest. Luckily, my powers to resist temptation have been doing some serious body building and I can keep my IG surfing to the bare minimum. Once in a while I see someone whose work jumps off the screen.

This is by Jurgen Vercaemst.
His work looked so much like Peter Thornton that it caught my eye - and after clicking around I found his blurb about how he got into calligraphy and -yes- Peter has been quite an influence along with several others.

I decided to share his work because he has some lovely pieces honoring coffee and we all know how much I love coffee.

Here is one link - I'll try to find the other one that has three links at the top. Small scowl at the *History* section on the computer as it only has 3 options and none of them are the ones that I remember finding first.

This is a bonus post today - scroll down for the daily envelope.

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