Saturday, July 28, 2018

Apr PTEX - From Janna

This one I remember - it's from Janna. April was a very painterly month. Janna must have friendly postal workers who enjoy putting the cancel in just the right place and then they know how to send it along so that it gets a bar code but it does not get the wavy line or tire tread cancel.

There is a bonus post right below this one.

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  1. My favorite postie at the post office is just like that, exactly. Once, I was mailing some envelopes with vintage stamps and I wasn't sure where I wanted to place them. He offered a suggestion or two, and then after I decided, he said red would look better on this envelope, and changed his cancelling stamp color to red, and asked my approval for his planned positioning of the cancellation before stamping it.

    If I remember right, the envelope above was just placed in my mailbox with the flag up...but it's a small town and I think they're getting used to my mailing eccentricities here. :)