Saturday, July 7, 2018

Bonus Post - Painter's Keys

The regular daily envelope is below.

The Swedish death cleaning of just the items piled up on my computer-screen-desktop could take several weeks. Ever since I discovered the option to just put something on the screen, I have been amassing a whole mess of folders and images. To the right is an actual piece of furniture that has a system for keeping it covered with paper. I wisely did not hang onto the link as it would just be torture to keep going to the website which was full of very cool stuff.

Also, I kept the link to this Painters Keys letter.  I mention Painters Keys from time to time. The originator of the site died a few years ago, but his daughter has been keeping it going. She alternates reruns of her dad's letters with her own writing and generally, her writing does not resonate with me as much as his does. She's pretty young - and has not been hammered into brittleness as I have. But, this one did.

I like the article - but the P.S. is even better...especially this joke.

 “Let me tell you a story,” says Jerry. “My favorite story about show business: Glenn Miller’s orchestra, they were doing some gigs somewhere. They couldn’t land where they were supposed to land, because it was winter — a snowy night. So they had to land in this field and walk to the gig. And they were dressed — in their suits. They were ready to play. They were carrying their instruments. So they were walking through the snow, and it was wet and it was slushy. And in the distance they saw this little house. And there were lights on in the inside and a billow of smoke coming out of the chimney. They went up to the house and they looked in the window and saw this family. There was a guy and his wife and she was beautiful. And there were two kids. And they were all sitting around the table. And they were smiling, they were laughing and they were eating. And there was a fire in the fireplace. And these guys were standing there in their suits, wet and shivering, holding their instruments. They were watching this incredible Norman Rockwell scene. One guy turned to the other guy and said, ‘How do people live like that?’”

The point of posting this is for those of you who struggle with your art supplies and/or dovetailing your art with the rest of your life. If you were not drawn to making art as your career, do not underestimate the value of making things just because you are drawn to the activity. Go forth and putter.

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