Saturday, April 21, 2018

Simple Ideas for Lettering and Layout - No.1

Fairly small lettering with no circles
A few years ago I started working on a book about decorating envelopes. I was going to combine it with tips on lettering but I gave up on that idea. It might be better to just study lettering or study design and let them integrate themselves.

There will be three days with 8 or 9 photos. You'll get a dozen ideas per day.

This series covers lettering that is made up of straight lines. If you want to invent your own style, start with graph paper.

I left the pencil lines in the photos. If I were to mail these, I'd erase the pencil lines.

Larger lettering. No circles.
An enclosed space in a letter is called a counter.
Counters offer nice opportunities for addresses or stamps.

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