Saturday, April 14, 2018

Repost from Eric's Blog - Xmas Leaf

When this popped up on Eric's blog I'm sure I smiled out loud. Or whatever you do when your reaction to something is like LOL - only it isn't funny - it just makes you happy.

I spent many years teaching a class called Art for the Intimidated and to convince intimidated people that anyone can learn to draw (contour drawing) we would draw a leaf. It was so much fun to see people follow the simple directions and then be flabbergasted at their success. I always brought in oak leaves. So, that is part of what I loved about this card. I also love the decorations and the teddy bear and the tiny writing in the border.

You may check out the envelope here - it is very festive as well.

Eric's blog

If you wanted to morph this idea into an envelope, I can see it in landscape orientation with a smaller leaf. If you had a rubber stamp of a leaf, that would be a nice alternative to adhering actual leaves to your envelope and hoping they made it through the mail. I'll label this follow up and hope to do my own version eventually.

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