Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Happy Birthday to Me (rainbow series to Lynne and Alex)

It's my birthday. I am in Chicago, celebrating with Alex, my granddaughter. These were two experiments when I was coming up with a style to go with the Harvey Milk stamps.  These two ideas did not show much potential.

Alex(andra) is a 4 year old girl. I remember when I taught 4 year olds that during the time the kids could draw whatever they wanted to draw - the girls drew a lot of rainbows, flowers and hearts. Basically wallpaper. The boys were more inclined to draw a scene with figures, action and a story. If I asked the girls to draw figures, action and a story - they would do it - but when given free reign -or is it rein? it was wall paper. And I do not recall seeing boys drawing patterns.

I even had a table full of boys who collected all the pink markers at their table and asked me to remove them from their table. OK.

One time when Alex and I were making pictures together she looked at mine and said:
"Nanna, you draw bester than me."

It sort of broke my heart. I love her drawings way more than I love mine. I've started drawing everything up-side-down so that it looks more like her level of drawing. Or I use my left hand. I don't want her to be like my kids who would just look at my pictures and walk away. They told me that it annoyed them that they could not draw as well as I could. But they all found other things they seemed to love as much as I love art - so I don't think they were destined to be artists.


  1. Happy Birthday Jean!!! Enjoy your special day with Alex and your family!

    1. Thanks Lynne. After nearly three weeks of bitter cold it is supposed to be 60 today. Best. Gift. Ever.

  2. I managed to question the word reign or rein and edit the post on my phone. It’s way too hard to edit the blog on my phone. I could research the usage but am focusing on some other stuff today. Baking cookies. Had to pull rank and declare bakery items off limits. It’s a long story. Might come back to it when I get home.

  3. Wishing you a lovely, warm birthday!