Sunday, April 29, 2018

From Exchanger Finnbadger - Canada

Hey, Jean. Remember that blizzard day in early February when you found that box of mail that seemed to be waiting to go on the blog. And you were sure that this one had already been on - but you couldn't find it - so you might be reposting it - or maybe not. ..

It is now April 27th of this year and I am checking posts to see how looney I was when I wrote them and this one was looney - so I am editing it and inserting a surfing opportunity.

I love nearly all of The Painters Keys - and refrain from re-posting all of them - but this one is soooo good. I had never heard of James Harvey - and really like his paintings.

The Painter's Keys - 4-27-18 post

Here is a close up of the stamps.

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