Friday, April 20, 2018

From Amy - Birch Trees

Amy S (there are two Amy S exchangers - this is the CA Amy) probably does not know that I love birch trees. There was a note on the back of this that she was less than pleased with the envelope and even suggested that it might not be blog-worthy. It looks fine to me. Yes, I see the up-hill drift -- but, I do that all the time. No big deal.

The whole point of the exchanges is to have fun and putter and not stress - so, if it is easier to just wing it instead of doing pencil lines - and risk being less than satisfied - that's fine. None of us who get 20-30 pieces of mail a month are ever going to complain about minor ups and downs.


Added note in real time - I am halfway through my 27 envelopes for the April exchange and I have been making myself pencil in the lines - and while it takes a few seconds...I can see that it's a wise use of my seconds.

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  1. Thanks for your kind words! I did have fun playing with my dip pen and those trees :) I am so glad you like them <3