Thursday, September 15, 2016

vintage stamps for eric

i did not have a good idea for putting three pets together for eric, so i went with 10 men.
i was really into the faber castell brush markers. the marker i used on the c is a different brand and i love it - but only have one. it is very soft and squishy. i am too lazy to go find it and tell you what it is. sorry.

so yesterday concluded the first ten pet stamps. i only have 9 left - so i can't figure out where the tenth one is. compulsive jean is going to just let it go.

can anyone guess how long it took me to add up the stamps to see if i have enough postage - for some reason, my arithmetic skills are gone. i think i had a math-stroke. that's not as bad as a regular stroke - but it does wipe out your ability to add small numbers. i know another lady who has it - someone about my age. so...i'm not going to let it bother me. i have other skills that are getting so much better with age. like excuse making. really excelling in that department, eh?


  1. I got my fishbowl yesterday, looks great.

  2. Love the colors of these markers....were they in a set? Might have to have me some. Always love lots of stamps.

    1. They are the Faber Castell Pitt Big Brush markers. Lots of different sets. I say go for all 60 colors - List price at Dick Blick is Almost $250 - but they are discounted to $140.