Thursday, September 22, 2016

Biker Wilma

This is my mom on a motorcycle with a biker we met at a scenic overlook on our last big trip to Tahoe, Reno, and Montana a few years ago when she was an extremely youthful 85.

We have relatives in those places. We didn't just throw darts at the map. When you are from Montana, you never quite feel at home anywhere else. Do other people feel that way about the places they were born and no longer reside?

This is another piece of mail that was sent while she was in hospice. It was fun to find out all the different things that people remembered fondly about her. Not being afraid to hop on a bike with a stranger - yikes. I doubt I would do that. I do like the idea of incorporating a photo and will label this one to hopefully remind myself to come back and revisit this idea.


  1. Mail should be a little goodie box and something to look forward to. It's making memories and being apart of someone's life without actually being beside them. I always took great care and thought when sending cards and letters to my Grandmother. I wish I could have seen her face when they delivered her mail in the assisted living center, but I could hear it in her voice when we spoke (I made a point to call her every day)...she'd say you'd never guess what I got today! And I have all my cards and letters from her over the years...I'm sure some have gotten lost and other "cleaned up" but anything I have that has her handwriting on it is a treasure to me! Each envelope and letter is it's own masterpiece with a story to tell, some funny, others sad, but they all are very special.
    Thank you for sharing the envelopes to you Mom and being a part of our lives. From this picture on the envelope I can only imagine the fun spirit she was!

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on mail. I have recently gone through the box of mail that my mom had saved. It included some letters that her mom (my grandmother) had saved and one piece is an invitation to a shower that was written in 1916, addressed to my great grandmother. I might post a few things on the blog. The way they worded things nearly a century ago is a bit different.

      I agree, it is nice to have samples of handwriting from grandparents. I enjoy having my grandma's recipe box as well as some of the cards she sent me when I was little. I will probably recycle them and send them to my granddaughter when she is a little older. There are a few I am not saving. I was thinking I could use them as the inserts in exchange envelopes.

  2. That is an awesome photo of Wilma - made even better by the smile on the biker's face!