Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Jeri's devilish humor

The Wilma Flintstone series will continue tomorrow, but I wanted to let everyone know why the Flintstone series was such a big hit with Wilma. I often put Wilma on the list as an exchanger, and then I did the sending for her. She was 88 and living on her own in a senior apartment building. She really enjoyed the mail and it was something fun for show and tell when the residents were picking up their mail.

During the month that the Flintstone mail was arriving, Wilma was going through the process of learning that she had cancer and deciding to go to hospice. It was a challenging month because up until then, she had been in such great shape. But, she was perfectly lucid, mostly cheerful, and was able to say goodbye to everyone who was important to her.

This mail from Jeri was well received. Jeri had met my mom a few times and knew that she had a wacky sense of humor. Wilma enjoyed showing it to the staff at hospice. It was great fun for my mom to receive all the Flintstone mail, and the rest of it will be popping up soon.

As I went through Wilma's keepsakes, there was another version of this card from Jeri. It was sent a few years ago when my mom fell and had a concussion. So, I think Jeri might keep these on hand and I was thinking I might have to steal the idea. I can totally see what a fun card it would be to send to someone who was recovering from an injury or illness. Tomorrow you will see why it wasn't too wacky to send to someone in hospice.


  1. My sympathies to you and your family. May you find comfort in the wonderful memories you have of your mother.