Wednesday, September 7, 2016

pet stamps - parrot

this was in the unfinished stack. i am sure it was supposed to go to nancy hills - but nancy d was on the exchange list - so i filled in the parrot colors. in general, there are a lot of very tan/brown pets - so it will be a challenge to work with not bright colors and still make them lively. or not. i like neutrals.

NOTE to exchangers:
I emailed the lists for the September Exchange yesterday. If you have not received your list, let me know.
If you are not on this list, your request did not get through to me:
CindyS, CarolC, HesterW, KathieM, JeanR, TroyB, FayeJ, NancyL, KathleenRH, ChuckM, NancyD, RachaelT, EricB, FlorenceV, AlisonD, AnneL, SueM, RehjH, MartiS, JannieB, LynneS, CathyO, GraceH, PhillipL


  1. Ohhh, I really like this envelope! I want so badly to be able to create stuff like this. Such a talent!

  2. I will try to post some tutorials on how to make big loopy letters. I think the secret is to deconstruct the letters so that you are just thinking of basic shapes. Also, try some whole arm swirls - where you don't make the curves with your fingers or wrists.
    I was happy to see that you had switched from computer lettering to hand lettering on your most recent envelope. I'm sure you can pick up hand lettering if you want to. Computer lettering is fun, too. It's just nice to have both options.

  3. I LOVED this envelope when it showed up in my mailbox! It's bright and pretty. I am interested in learning how to make big, loopy letters, too, so I hope you do the tutorials. I've tried some hand lettering on my envelopes, but my letters look like I'm wearing a corset. I love the free look that a real calligrapher gets. I'm signed up for a calligraphy/meditation course through adult ed. at the Des Moines Public Schools. Maybe that will help some.