Thursday, September 1, 2016

guest artist - SEPT EXCHANGE SiGN UP

 not sure how well these will show up, miss cathy met the artist at IAMPETH and these are from his instagram account which is
if you know how to go on instagram and maybe see better images.
i'm no help with instagram - i have an account - i don't know how to post

this is the official sign up for the SEPT exchange.

send me this info - in these five lines:

your email

sign up ends on the 6th
lists will be sent on the 7th or 8th
you will get a list of 4-or-5-or-6 names
including your own name - you send to the others.
there may be one international name per list
do not sign up if you do not want to send one envelope out of the USA (cost $1.15)
no theme - any medium - just decorate the envelope
send your envelopes by sept 30th
if you are missing an envelope from someone on your list, try to contact fellow exchangers by email and work it out
if you can't resolve missing envelopes, please contact me at
jmwilson411 [at] yahoo [dot] com
which is also the address where you send your email to sign up

first timers and beginners are welcome
there is a page tab at the very top of the blog with more info if you need it

i will send a confirmation email that i have received your email to participate.
if you do not get the confirmation email, resend

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