Sunday, September 4, 2016

copying limner

the envelope from limner arrived in october and it's been on display ever since. i kept wondering how limner would feel about me copying it. i intended to write and ask for her permission - and then after the big time crunch crisis and my nearly 3 month layoff from doing any envelopes at all...i finally started the aug exchange and figured i better get back in the saddle. so i did 12 envelopes in one sitting. i will post them in order to show the progression.

then i was tired - but it was too early to hit the hay - so i thought - i'm going to just throw caution to the wind and do a copy. her border is more interesting. i could have easily put more variety in my rectangles. my JC was done without any thought - and i like hers better - but, i think she must take more time. she got out some real gold gouache or something like that. i just used a gold gel pen. and - she always fills up more space than i do - which i like - but i would not say that i like it better than mine. it wasn't an exercise to create a contest - it was an exercise to show how things turn out when you are inspired by something that is steal worthy. tomorrow, i will show step 2 of my inspiration. in many ways, i wish i would have started this when i was not tired - as i think it would have been fun to see where i went with it. maybe i can pick up where i left off.

at any rate... if this knocked your socks off in a negative way, limner - please let me know and i will remove it. or if you think it's fun....maybe you can tell us what you were thinking when you put the crown on the J. to me it looks regal - but maybe you had something else in mind. and what color is JCs truck - i went with green - but there is also red, blue, and cream in the book of stamps.


  1. I'm still laughing! It takes a long time to read my way through all the blogs I follow or keep up with, so by the time I finish and start over again a lot of water has passed under my bridges. JC got a kick out of your version. I don't think he ever saw the one I did. It's super duper. I really must show him this. He gives me stamps now whereas before he gave me hard eye rolls over my addiction to mail and mail art.

    What was I thinking? Well, I'm too embarrassed to say. Wow. Just had a mini anxiety attack! I just imagined being laughed at. Give me time to grow another layer of skin before telling.

    JC's truck is white. LOL. The interior is so cool though. The seats offer heat and a/c, phone and iPad chargers, Sirius radio, and everything else one cannot imagine a Texas truck driver wanting. There's even a cooler behind the seats; the truck bed is lined/carpeted and covered. We can never haul anything because it's too plush. LOL! That truck is detailed and gets better treatment than I do.

    BTW, that crowned J was my homage to you. You are the queen of envelope art.

    This is all such fun. What else will I discover on my catch-up reading? :)