Friday, December 4, 2015

purple snowflakes for marti

a fairly easy idea to go with the snowflake stamps. it helps if you have an assortment of pens and markers in the same shades. the scan probably does not show that there are snowflakes in Gelly Roll Clear Star. they are very sheer but have wonderful sparkle.

that big MARTI is neuland, but any big bold style would work.


  1. Hi Jean,
    I'm in your envelope exchange. Looking through what's on offer in the winter stamp gang, I skipped right over the snowflakes because I thought they were a wee bit boring. Not so, I see now. I'm enjoying how you've taken this stamp up a notch on the Interesting scale. Kate

  2. Did you use an almost dried up Zig marker for the letters?
    I really like the scattered snowflakes on the letters. I think I'm scattered challenged. I always end up with things "in a row" so I end up adding more. Then things look unbalanced ~ too much on a side top, or bottom. So I add more and eventually end up with too much. Sigh.