Tuesday, December 8, 2015

more halloween

4 more october exchangers and there are still 3 more to post.maybe you can think of ways to holid-ify these. make that witch into an elf. and slap a santa hat on top of those three eyeballs. very festive.

the planets are good any time of year.

the last one is not from an exchanger, it's from a penpal and i was very happy to see her spooky-shaking writing.

thank you to carol, marti, bridget and catherine.

i added one more tree to the tree calligram post that i posted yesterday. it is not mine, but there is a link to the artist's website.


  1. I got one similar to the top one with the witch..so clever with the use of stamps!

    The planets would have looked so cool with a red circular hand cancel rather than those ugly black lines! Silly postman/woman, don't they realize they are messing up ART! :)

    1. I know, right? I love what Bridget did with her envelopes, they look amazing. And she used Elizabeth O's technique - so great to learn new ideas from all the creative people that Jean and Jan connect together through their exchanges.