Sunday, December 27, 2015

off topic - motherlode

this is not an envelope but i sure would enjoy using the concept to write the name and address multiple times. i do have some examples where i layered the name, writing it several times in different colors using different tools.

anyhow, off-topic sunday is a link to this website where you can flip through and see a ton of lovely calligraphy and lettering.  just above the top right corner of the artwork is

and you can scroll through a fairly long list.

in my continuing lessons on how to steal like an artist, the tip of the day is to not limit yourself to stealing from other mail artists. anyone who is new to this blog might not know about my recommendation to read the book, Steal Like an Artist by Austin Kleon.

i thought i had a whole blog post about this book. but i did a search and nothing popped up. so, maybe i should turn my sunday off-topic posts into more about this book and how to generate ideas. more than a couple people have asked me where i get so many ideas. the truth is, i just look at stuff and it makes me think of other stuff. or maybe i look at two things and put them together.

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  1. I think a post on the book would be a good idea.